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Selasa, 22 April 2014


Tuah menyebelahi kami kali ni...hehe..feeling syiok :p
Sebenarnya bukan saya yang dapat..asben yg dapat...
syiok la dia...walaupun xberapa perlukan barang ni...tp syiok ape...
sape nak bg free kan????hehe..jgn jeles :p

Asben p International Luxury Property & Investment Expo 2014   kat klcc sabtu lepas (19.4.14)..kali ni saya tak ikut sbb kena jaga anak2 buah...so asben p park keta kat lrt taman jaya then naik lrt ke KLCC..so berbaloi la p sana dapat lucky draw kan..sbb asben cakap xramai sgt org kat expo tu..mungkin booth dia besar, so laluan dia xde la crowded sgt...ok la...conclusionnya:- best dapat lucky draw..hihihi :)
Ni haa hadiah lucky draw..set home theater :)

Jumaat, 18 April 2014


I think this thing make me happy at this moment.
We currently like to communicate using english language..so funny(hahah)
it's so funny at all actually :p
Just because i'm not good in english..but we still try to make it like (huhh hebat sgt kannnn)
But sometimes, peoples feel like so annoying with us..hahaha
well, lantak la kan :p
haaa..we refers to my husband, my family,my closed friends.

See.....usually we used whats app and we fully utilized  it...
Yup..now i declare that i really want to upgrade my english language.Please support me!Thanks :)

hehe..this thing is like therapy for me..released my stress at all..hahah...
so i choose for better happy n healthy lifestyle :)


Isnin, 14 April 2014

[Farewell Notes]

Jumaat lepas last day abah sbg team FMC...it's time to say Good Bye...kikiki
mama tau abah keje bagus..sbb tu bila nak resign je..mesti bos berat ati melepaskan pergi...semoga abah sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki...di beri kesihatan yang baik..keluarga kita sentiasa bahagia...aminnnnn...

Ayat sedih dari abah untuk team FMC...sy juga sedih..sebab lepas ni susah nak pegi keje sama2...lunch sama2...balik keje sama2..realy missed that moment..huhu..

Hello All,

Finally the moment has arrived to say goodbye, which is never easy, especially when you have been part of the FMC family for years. It has been a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with each of you with whom I have interacted.
Sincere thanks to all my colleagues for their support and guidance to excel in my career. I am also very thankful to all my bosses Cai Jie, En.Aziz, Ong TJ who were always there to support me throughout the journey and opportunity given to me to work in this organization. And a very special "Thank You" to all my friends especially Jonathan Chan (I'm going to miss all the webex meeting/phone conversation ;-) )with whom I have spent the wonderful moments that would last a lifetime.
Even though I will miss you all, I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase in my career. I wish you all the very best in life. I am reachable at my personal email (----------------) It was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you. In case I have unintentionally hurt anyone, please forgive me. Needless to say, please stay in touch.

Bye bye Team :]


Salam readers,

Mungkin ada yg suka baca kisah saya...
Mungkin ada yg suka buat blog ni jadi reference...
Mungkin ada yg suka cari kelemahan saya...
Mungkin dan banyak lagi kemungkinan.

Sape pun anda...
Dimana jua anda berada..
Saya sgt menghargai anda..
Terima kasih kerana menaikkan rating blog saya...

Kesimpulannya:- Jom follow blog saya :) kikiki..jgn malu2 jgn segan2 yer

Yup...only Allah knows my sincerity..peace :))